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Flexible Lining Products Ltd introduced our own brand and trade-mark range of products called Greenseal Rubber into the UK in early 2003.Our Greenseal Rubber EPDM material is available in 0.75mm ; 0.85mm and 1.0mm thickness.

Greenseal Rubber (EPDM) manufactured by Trelleborg Sweden is a truely exceptional premium quality material which looks and feels exactly the same as the Trelleborg Butyl material, more importantly it is a superior material in both characteristics and properties and cheaper - hence it has become UK's most popular number one choice of pond liner and lake liner materials.

Since 2003 we are very proud that our FLP own brand of Greenseal Pond Liner and Greenseal Lake Liner materials have been sucessfully installed in literally thousands of applications throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.These liners are available either directly from ourselves or from a local retail outlet.

BUY NOW DIRECT (CLICK HERE) TO VIEW OUR LATEST SPECIAL OFFERS. The sizes listed are only are most popular sizes - we are able to accomodate almost any size combination, please contact us direct for further details.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Animal and plant friendly 100% NON TOXIC to plant or aquatic life

  • Tear and tensile strength superior to Butyl Rubber

  • Exceeds Butyl Rubber in 60% of the properties tested

  • Looks and feels exactly like Butyl (slightly embossed or textured surface)

  • Can be vulcanised in the same process as Butyl Rubber

  • Lifetime Guarantee (25 years under UK Commercial Law)

  • Cheaper and superior quality to Butyl Rubber

  • Not affected by UV light, temperature or age

  • Colour of Greenseal Rubber is black NOT green

  • Available in 0.75mm , 0.85mm  and 1.00mm thickness

  • Resists compressive loads and ground movement

  • Unique ability to adapt itself to the substrate

  • Reverts back to original form

  • Does not contain any plasticisers or additives - no leaching

  • Does not shrink,lose weight or become brittle

 Applications include:

  • Greenseal Lake Liner

  • Greenseal Pond Liner

  • Greenseal Tailored or Box Weld Liner

  • Garden Ponds

  • Ornamental Ponds

  • Water Tank Liners

  • Anntenuation Ponds

  • Specialist applications including feature film,theatre,television productions,ice skating rings etc,etc

  • Reed Beds & Slurry Pits

Our clientel includes

Numerous Schools and Educational Centres

Local Councils - Recreational & Parks

Nature Conservation Societies

Business & Industry

Retail Outlets

Home owners direct

We are able to offer all or customers (private or business) a highly specialised service,credible knowledge base,expert technical support, and design information to ensure and economical quality solution to any product or application. If required we can provide project management,full or part installation service through one of our improved installers.

 Kindly contact us direct if you require any additional information, technical datasheets or samples

Contact Details

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Telephone: 0845 226 2478   or  01594 829297

Fax:             0845226 9697    or  0845 226 9679

main website: http://www.flexibleliningproducts.co.uk

Email:              info@greenseal.co.uk